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Contemporary or Modern?

What is the difference between modern and contemporary architecture?

Although people tend to use the terms “contemporary” and “modern” architecture interchangeably, they technically are not synonymous. Both styles are similar in that they connect indoors and outdoors, but contemporary homes tend to emphasize energy efficiency, sustainable materials, lots of natural light and the use of recycled non-toxic materials.

Contemporary Architecture  is definable broadly as the building style of the present day.  While innovative and forward-looking, it is not defined by a single shape or style though it often includes open floor plans, exposed beams, lack of ornamentation and the use of “green” and repurposed components.

Modern Architecture recalls the early and mid-20th-century architecture embodying the ideals of the machine age: an absence of ornament, structures of steel or concrete, large expanses of glass, a whitewash (usually stucco over brick) or other minimal exterior expressions.